Up to 60% of your mobile phone’s radiation is absorbed into your head.

The World Health Organisation recommends precautions such as hands free devices to minimise phone radiation exposure.

The most severe consequence of exposure to radiation is the potential increased risk of infertility, tumors, and genetic damage.

Studies have shown that children absorb more radiation than adults when using smartphones.

Mobile phone radiation and mobile phone use can cause all sorts of problems for a child’s development.

Recent scientific studies have established that sperm exposed to phone radiation are prone to genetic damage and mutation.



Scientists have reported adverse health effects of using smartphones including changes in brain activity, reaction times, and sleep patterns...


Electromagnetic waves, which are all around us in our daily life, may generate short and long term problems in terms of health, comfort and vitality. Risks are officially explained and principle of precaution is everywhere. Just an example, which is related to children’s health (source Herald Tribune March 7, 2008): "I believe in the principle of precaution" French Health Minister said during an interview.


"If there is a risk, then children with developing nervous systems would be affected. We alerted parents about the use of mobile telephones because it's absurd for young children to have them."


The French Government is moving now to organize a broad international research project to study the potential risks for children.

Let’s remind that no preliminary scientific study had been achieved before the massive distribution of mobile phones towards general public begins. Therefore as this market segment of telecommunications is tremendously growing up, it raises the most tangible doubts when talking about EM exposure as radiations are powerful, continuous and often close to the brain and to other sensitive organs of the human body.

All over the world, more and more scientific voices rise to denounce the consequences of EM exposures for health...


These last years, government and world organizations non-performance in warning people was denounced many times.


Now, suitable collective protection measures finally start to be imposed.


Today there is a standard concerning the radiation of mobile phones; it consists of the measurement of the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate).


Although insufficient to many scientists, it is officially accepted and recognized by governments and industrialists (mobile phones manufacturers and telcos).


We have decided that all its future innovations and all its next generation products in the mobile phone area will meet SAR standard in terms of measurement of performance.


This will allow our Company to bring to the market the undisputable proofs of efficiency of its products in terms of end user protection. 


We must prevent any harmful biological effects !


And that's why we must protect ourselves from any of the emissions liable to affect our health. Some people are aware of these dangers, others are not, for some, they are a cause for concern, while others adopt a fatalistic, or even casual attitude. But the facts are undeniable: Given the amount of time we spend with our connected devices in the most unbroken and intimate relationship of our lives, we are constantly absorbing part of the waves, which go through them.


This is an officially recognized, well-understood and standardized fact that is undisputed: we absorb part of the waves emitted by our connected devices. There is a measurement unit to quantify this effect known as the specific absorption rate. One word alone should draw attention in this techy-sounding term: Absorption.


Let's examine this word, which has been adopted by the device manufacturers, telecommunications operators, governments, scientific community and NGOs. Whether the absorption of electromagnetic radiation represents a real danger or not, we have the right and even the duty to use our mobile devices in peace of mind for ourselves, our loved ones and for those whom we represent.


We maintain that the absorption of waves by our organism can be avoided and that any harmful consequences for our health are not unavoidable.


That's why our commitment is based on the following foundational vision:

"The use of mobile devices should always be enjoyable and give peace of mind."


NF EN1096-1 - RoHS - NF EN410




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